About Wisdom Healthcare Incontinence Products. Delivery Australia Wide.
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About Wisdom HealthCare

Wisdom HealthCare was founded by Katie Brennan. Katie and her mother Sandy and visit her dad Keith in his nursing home regularly. Katie’s Dad was the inspiration behind the creation of Wisdom HealthCare.

When my dad was diagnosed with Atypical Parkisons Disease the entire family was emotionally shattered and all our lives changed from that day on. Many people assume that the main symptoms of Parkinsons is “getting the shakes”, but in Dads case, the symptoms were many.
Perhaps the most distressing symptom for my dad was the onset of Incontinence. Dad found it really difficult to address this issue and remained in denial for a long time. As such, my mum and myself had to handle it. We soon discovered that the incontinence industry was heavily monopolised by a few big brands and the prices for specialised type products were very expensive – especially when you are going through multiple changes per day. Having worked in the health and marketing industry for over 19 years I automatically began researching the different brands on the market and soon realised that there was definitely room and a need for some cheaper good quality alternatives – as most older people have limited budgets. After many months of research, comparative analyse and testing, the “Nateen” brand of incontinence solutions was our clear winner and Wisdom HealthCare was born”.

Katie Brennan, Founder Wisdom HealthCare

About Nateen

The story behind Nateen

The Nateen Brand was created by Artemis Medical, a Belgian Company that was founded in 1992 and have been supplying Premium Incontinence Care Products worldwide for 25 years. Nateen medical grade incontinence products are now distributed worldwide in over
60 countries including France, UK, Germany, USA, Canada, Brazil, Poland, China, Portugal, Taiwan, Russia, India, South Africa, Singapore – to name a few.

The founder and owner of Nateen is a Belgian man called Alexandre Kosa. In 1989 whilst managing a large nursing home in Belgium, Alexandre soon became aware of the small choice of incontinent products on the market. The ranges available lacked the variety of styles and absorbency levels required. In response to these challenges, Alexandre decided to create his own line of incontinence products to better fit the varying needs of his patients. He called his brand, Nateen.

The Nateen product range caters for all spectrums of incontinence management – from lower absorbency rates up to the XUltra XL which has an outstanding 5500ml absorbency capacity, 45 gr SAP.